LMK Engineers 72
LMK Engineers 72


LMK’s clients include:


US Department of Energy

Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride (DUF6) Conversion Project

LMK is providing extensive oversight support for the DUF6 Conversion Project, which will convert 700,000 MT of DUF6 to uranium oxide.  The project’s total life-cycle cost is estimated at $2.5 billion.  LMK’s responsibilities include:

  • Participating on the Source Evaluation Board and serving as technical advisors to source selection officials.
  • Preparing and presenting detailed project overviews to the integrated project team concerning the technology of DUF6 conversion, project management, project metrics and earned value management, integrated safety management systems, documented safety analysis, operational resources review requirements, natural phenomena hazards, cost and schedule control, DOE documentation and security interfaces.
  • A complete technical review of the DUF6 project at various design stages.
  • Constructability reviews and construction surveillance.
  • Preparing numerous economic and trade studies to identify key project issues.  Studies were performed on a risk-based assessment priority.
  • Reviewing safety basis documentation.



PQ Corporation

Project tasks performed:

  • Project cost estimates
  • Process mass and energy balances
  • Project milestone and task schedules
  • Equipment arrangements
  • Preliminary process flow diagrams
  • Project Risk Assessment
  • Preliminary P&IDs
  • Project work scope documents

Project types included:

  • Product milling facility relocation
  • Specialty glass process expansion
  • Product coating operation expansion
  • Product treatment and milling expansion
  • Silicate dissolving plant
  • Product unloading operation
  • Specialty catalyst expansion
  • Catalyst packaging relocation



Cabot Corporation

Plant feasibility studies and process conceptual design including:

  • Process definition
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Plant capacity designs
  • Equipment arrangements
  • Process mass and energy balances
  • Project cost estimates
  • Technology options

Project descriptions included:

  • Specialty metal plant expansion
  • Specialty metal milling operation
  • Metal alloy digestion and extraction
  • Solidification technology innovation
  • Special ventilation system
  • Mixed acid preparation
  • Hydrogen handling system



Wolverine Small Tube Products

Integrated Contingency Plan

LMK developed plans and procedures for the Wolverine Small Tube manufacturing facility to avoid, respond to and mitigate accidents, spills, unexpected hazardous material releases, and other hazards that could impact worker and community safety and the environment. Our Integrated Contingency Plan (ICP) provides concise information and instructions to emergency personnel responding to incidents at Wolverine.



Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Proximity Warning Devices

LMK designed the protocols and the construction of the actual site for the testing of two electrostatic field sensing proximity warning devices using a Grove RT-522 crane and a live, high-voltage power system at the Pittsburgh Research Laboratory.  The test determined device sensitivity to various high-voltage power line configurations.  These devices assist in safe crane operation near overhead power lines.  LMK also organized the participation of labor, user groups, and regulatory agencies to provide input for a uniform, reliable test protocol.  LMK designed various power line configurations that recreate high-voltage power line typically found at construction sites.



Ohio Edison Co. / Duquesne Power and Light

Expert Testimony

Provided forensic expert testimony for litigation between Ohio Edison and Duquesne Power and Light and the Tax Commissioner of Ohio for property tax and environmental compliance litigation.  LMK’s forensic engineering experts participated in depositions, pretrial preparation with the utilities law firm, and provided trial testimony.

Retained by Cincinnati Gas & Electric as forensic examiner and expert engineer to assist in the litigation of property tax reassessment for the Stuart Electric Generating Station.  Performed analyses of various plant steam systems for compliance to Ohio tax laws for property tax relief.



Pennsylvania Power and Light

Electrical Station Main Transformer Replacement

Replaced three 420 MVA, 500kV station transformers at PP&L’s nuclear Susquehanna Steam Electric Station.  Our design included the preparation of engineering drawings and purchase specifications for switchgear, transmission and low-voltage controls, and the redesign of the fire protection deluge system.  The design also included NEC-required safety systems and arc-flash protection.



IBM Corporation

2000-Ton Chiller Replacement

Managed the replacement of four 2000-ton water chillers.  The design required sequential installation of the chillers over a two-year construction schedule, while maintaining full chiller capacity for the cooling seasons.  This phased approach included the replacement of 36-inch condenser water piping as well as chilled water piping.  The local PLC-based chiller control panels were fitted with control interface systems that permitted chiller operation, monitoring, and control from the facility's Central Utility Plant control room.



Other Clients include:

  • Agere Systems
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Coastal Technology, Inc.
  • Perry Nuclear Power Plant
  • GPU Energy / First Energy
  • U.S. Agency for International Development
  • JM Huber
  • U.S. Air Force
  • Lockheed Martin
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Mars Electronics Incorporated
  • UT Battelle
  • Merck & Company